Famous Japanese Koto Player Entertains Braid Conference!

On Sunday, August 19th, a young Japanese Koto player, Fuyuki Enokido, performed a concert after the key note speach on the opening day at the 2nd Braid Conference, held in Manchester Metropolitan University.

After her performance, she invited everybody in the audience to pose for a group photo with her. She was very friendly and encouraged people to try her koto and to ask her questions after the photo.

If you missed purchasing her CD then, please leave me a comment, as Fuyuki passed on the rest of her CDs to me.

Regarding the live performance I announced on the day, it turned out that her performance will be broadcast in the program called World Routes on BBC3 radio on September 9th from 10pm. (So it’s not a live performance, but a recorded one.)

(Please click the photo to enlarge.)
To be continued….
Coming soon! Fuyuki’s interview will be posted in October.

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