Japanese Braiding (Kumihimo) Part II: Braiding in Blackpool

Although I learned about the Braid Conference, I was not able to attend it, so I still hadn’t seen any real demonstration of how to do Japanese braiding. But fortunately, I was able to ask one of the participants of the Conference, Marge Quinn, to show me how to do it. So one day, I visited her at her home in Blackpool.

It was absolutely fascinating to see three different tools to make Japanese braiding were set up in her house. I had never seen one even in Japan! Marge very kindly showed me how to do all three kinds of braiding. Please watch the video below.

Intrigued after her demonstration, I wanted to have a go. I tried marudai, and surprisingly, it was very entertaining as I said in the video. It was definitely a calming and relaxing activity. It is also immediately reinforcing, as you can see what you braided right away, hung under the marudai. And I had thought it would be only tedious and frustrating!

I was very grateful for the fact that I was able to learn about and try Japanese braiding here in England. At the same time, I was very happy that, again, a traditional Japanese art is enjoyed and appreciated by British people, and that it has also helped enrich their lives.

Thank you so much, Marge!

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