A Japanese Zen Monk visit Manchester to teach Zazen

I visited Manchester Zen Dojo in 2012 and created a Youtube video and a blog entry.

This time, I was asked to do an interpretation of a Japanese Zen monk’s lecture at Manchester Zen Dojo. It was very nice to visit there again and see the familiar faces. After the lecture, I had a chance to interview the monk, Kishigami Osho san.

He is a free soul, so he wasn’t hesitant to say whatever he honestly felt. You might disagree with what he says…. Please watch the video and find out!

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    1. Hi,

      Thank you so much for finding my blog! If you don’t mind, I can forward your email address to the head of Manchester Zen Dojo. He should know how to contact Kishigami Osho. However, I have to warn you; he doesn’t use internet!!

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