MCM Comic Con in Manchester 2013

I’m back by popular demand at Manchester Comic Con! It was another beautiful summer day, and hot!

This year’s queue was horrendous! I arrived there around 1pm, hoping that the queue would be over, but I was wrong. I was thinking of entering, but I changed my mind.

Last year, I asked cosplayers this question: What does cosplay mean to you? (Please watch the video by clicking this link) and I was able to get a very good insight into the psych of cosplayers.

This year, let’s forget about the complicated question, and just have fun! So I asked cosplayers to perform in front of the camera. They were all cooperative, and I’m very grateful. For some, it was difficult to move because of their elaborate costumes. Please watch the last part of the video to find out how much “sacrifice” has to be made to don such a costume.

I tried to record as many cosplayers as possible, but I couldn’t stay there all day. Are you in it? Sorry if I missed you. I’ll be there next year as well, so please approach me if you see me there!
(I couldn’t include one group of people, as the camera wasn’t working well then. I apologise!)