Newsletter for Japan Society North West

I am a Committee member of Japan Society North West, and also acted as Editor of the Newsletter from summer 2008 to January 2012. During the three and half years, I produced 14 Newsletters.

When I was starting, one thing I kept in mind was to make the Newsletter for the members of the Society. I wondered what I could do for that. I gave it a serious thought, and started two new columns: Focus on Members, and Member’s Experience in Japan. The former is a photo-and-interview report of members who showed up at various JSNW events. I went out to as many events as possible, and interviewed members one by one, as well as taking their photos. Although this took much of my time and effort to create, it was popular and I got positive feedback. The latter, Member’s Experience in Japan, is a report written by each member about their unique experience in Japan. I tried to get a wide range of different situations each time. In this, I aimed to show-case a real, personal, and unique story of each member. It is so fascinating to learn how each one’s interest in Japan originated and evolved in so many different ways. I hope you will read this column and enjoy it as much as I do.

One more new column I started is called Japan Day In-depth. JSNW holds Japan Days every other year, with a wide-range of exhibitors, which attract many people. This column aimed to introduce each exhibitor in more detail. This was also written by each exhibitor themselves. You can feel the passion they have toward their own discipline.

I’m quite proud of these Newsletters I created. I welcome your comments. I hope there will be opportunities to create a similar Newsletter for other organizations.

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