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Do you want to improve your Japanese?

Have you ever thought that learning Japanese in a big class is not really suitable for you? Do you wish to learn Japanese at your own pace? Then, look no further. I’m here to help you. I am a native Japanese speaker, and offer private Japanese lessons/tutoring at beginner, intermediate and advanced level, in the South Manchester, Stockport and East Cheshire area. Communities in my area include Cheadle, Bramhall, Wilmslow, Macclesfield and Congleton.

Telephone: 01625 422 652   

About the lessons

Lessons are usually held at my place, at a convenient time for you. Most lessons are for one hour. At the first lesson, your level is assessed, and together with your input and requests, the lesson plan is customised. I recommend Japanese For Busy People (3rd edition), and the lessons follow the format of these books. The pace at which a lesson is carried out is up to you; you can take time where you have difficulty, or go quickly when you already know the particular material.

I can also do online lessons if travelling to my place is inconvenient to you. I don't just you Skype, but I use screen sharing-software, so you can see my teaching materials on my screen. If you like you can also have a mixture of face-to-face and online lessons.


I’m fluent in English, and will explain the complexities of Japanese grammar in English for your understanding. At the same time, since I’m a native speaker, I can help you talk in natural-sounding Japanese.

About Me

One of my great grandfathers was a samurai, and the other was a Shinto (Japan’s original religion) priest. Although I was born and brought up in the north of Kyoto prefecture, because my mother is from Tokyo, Tokyo has been my second home town.

The town of my birth contains one of the most scenic views in Japan, the famous Amanohashidate (roughly translated as “a bridge to Heaven from ocean”), which is a 3km-long sand bar with many pine trees on it. During summer, the area is visited by many tourists who come to swim in the clean ocean and enjoy the beautiful white sandy beaches. I grew up near the sea, and walked my dog to the beach everyday. Looking at the beautiful sea always helped me feel better. Living now in the Manchester area, I miss the ocean.

Amanohashidate - click to enlarge image Woodblock print of Amanohashidate by Hiroshige - click to enlarge image

I went to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, to go to university. I decided to go all the way up to obtain PhD in psychology. I have taught at the university there. I came to Manchester to take part in a research project at the University of Manchester, where, unexpectedly, I met my future husband. Now I live in south Manchester.

Once I settled down in the UK, ironically, I was awakened to the love of Japanese culture and language. The more I’m away from Japan, the stronger my love for Japanese language grew. I eventually decided to embark on a new career to teach Japanese to British people. Now I’m very happy teaching Japanese to various people, and wish to share the passion with you also.

I’m also Vice Chairman of Japan Society North West. I previously served three years as Chairman, and worked as the Editor of the Newsletter from 2008 until January 2012 (please see Newsletters). I am involved in the planning of monthly events for the Society and also take a leading role in the organising of Japan Day, a major biennial event that showcases a wide range of Japanese culture in the Northwest of England.