How is it working in Tokyo?

Hi, Everyone! This time, I’m in Tokyo.

I had a chance to meet my former student, who is now working in one of the most prestigious office areas in Tokyo.

He is doing really well; in fact, he has just been head-hunted for a bigger and better company, and will be starting there soon.
I wasn’t surprised to hear that, as I remember he had a great attitude; kind of traits that are valued in Japanese society: modest, humble, polite, kind, considerate. When I was helping him prepare for a job interview for a Japanese company a few years ago, I knew everybody would like him.

He is a very intelligent person, but for this interview, he might have been a bit tense, and not as eloquent as he usually is.

Anyway, let’s find out what he’s got to say!

I’m very, very happy for him for his coming wedding. All the best wishes!!

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